sábado, dezembro 11, 2010 | By: Katherine Elizabeth de Orleans e Bragança


Marvelous day to start a blog. I wanted to do so yesterday, indeed, but I couldn’t find an appropriated website that I didn’t have to pay and that would satisfy all my needs. Since I’m doing this blog here, you can suppose I liked this one  #freemarketing  or perhaps I didn’t have a better option, you’ll never know. But if there’s something you’re going to find out everything about, it’s my life. I’m here with the simple mission of telling someone-it doesn’t matter if I only have one visitor-what happened in my day, my week, or any amount of time that passed and something happened during it. I used to have diaries, and that’s my inspiration for the name of the blog, but I’m so afraid of losing it somewhere-someone reading it it’s not the problem, nobody is my house would do that-, but here I can save my thoughts, experiences and conversations forever and on. Also-here’s my first confession-the blog helps me to tell things that I’m just incapacitated of saying to a person in front of me, I have real issues in talking about my feelings and opinions. But I have to do something like this, or go to a psychologist, because my mom is convinced that this will kill me, and make me sick, not necessary in this order. Maybe you think it’s funny, or maybe you don’t, but the last sentence was supposed to be funny. I like irony and I like anyone that can make me laugh. I like boys and I like colors. I like family, friends, animals, chocolate, music, books, tv series, photos, perfumes and fashion. And just for the record, I’m not gay, I’m just a girl. I’m not only keeping a secret of my identity, but since I’m a massive reader and writing is a passion, I’ll create characters, and confuse you with my posts, because I’ll alternate with the real me. This is the real me by the way, but it can be not, later. Oh, there’s another detail, English is not my native language, I’m Brazilian. I study in an American School, and that’s why I speak English, other than that I would suck as my friends-sorry-that did 7 years of English course, and don’t speak half than I do. But I still have problems because I learned it in the past 10 months, and my friends in school learned it in the past 10 years. Obviously, there’s a significant difference between our abilities, but people still get impressed when I tell them I’ve studied my whole life in a Brazilian school. Anyway, all that about being Brazilian and stuff, it was just to justify why some posts are going to be in Portuguese-I REALLY hope you knew Brazilians speak Portuguese, not ‘brazilian’. Let’s say I only want to make everybody happy, people who speak only Portuguese or only English, will be able to enjoy-or not-my blog. Or should I say, My Dear Diary?

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