quinta-feira, dezembro 16, 2010 | By: Katherine Elizabeth de Orleans e Bragança

Thursday, December 16, 2010, 2:34 AM, bedroom, sitting on my chair.

So, it's late and I have a pretty busy day tomorrow. What is at least a little bit ironic considering that I'm on vacation. But the truth is that i don't rest on my recess, summer or winter, I use them to have fun at the last level, go out everyday, drink, dance, have sex(just kidding in this one),... So when I get back to school i'm more tired than before. Teachers don't really understand your state of a 2 months hangover. Just coming back for a second in what I said before, I was actually kidding about the sex, because I'm a virgin #YAY. When you don't have a boyfriend it's kind of difficult to happen... and I want to save myself for the right guy <3 I'm just kidding, I don't fucking care. I'm gonna do it when I feel like it's time for it. But anyways, less gynecologist-kind-of-talk and more futilities!
Today I sent a question to Federico's Formspring. I don't know when he's gonna answer and if he's gonna answer, but the last one that he did answer was 2 days ago. Well, I'm following him now on Twitter and Formspring, he's a interesting person and I don't really care if I never meet him, although it would be nice if he's so nice as he seems to be. He's funny, an ironic humor #Like. He has a dog and a frog, which is kinda cute. I like love animals and it's important to me that people do it as well.
Besides that, I wanted to say that tomorrow I have a photoshoot, I have to go to downtown and maybe I go to a friend's birthday, but I don't have a ride... :(
In addition, I saw a video today from this cute hot guy, he's like blond, 18 years old, sings, plays the piano and it's funny. All that together in an youtube video, gotta be funny, and it really is! One of my favorites videos of him is one where he's talking about yourtube, the name is, actually, Welcome to Youtube. I'm like in love with him and he has like an CD for sale on itunes! The guy just rocks #LOL He's got everything.
Talking about yourtube videos, today I saw I Kill People, from the same guy who did Show Me Your Genitals. He's disturbing but incredibly funny #LOL. Oh, I forgot to say, I'm in this Twitter habit now, I keep putting hashtags on what I write, here, on Facebook, Orkut, MSN... whatever. So if you don't like it, I'm really sorry fuck you.
Gosh, I'm with some kind of Norwegian flu since Satuday, and it sucks. My lungs are almost jumping out of my mouth when I cough. It's a Norwegian one because my Norwegian friend was coughing just right beside me the day I got sick, so I have an idea I'm sure of from who I got it.

I'm tired now, so good night.

P.S.: Mosquitos are stupid and annoying animals, the only ones besides cockroaches, that I hate and want all dead.

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